TEC Welcomes You

So you know what the blog is about, and you know what I’m about, but maybe you’re still wondering, “What is this whole Episcopal Church thing, anyway?”

Well, there’s a lot to tell. TEC’s website, Wikipedia, or a Web search will be more helpful than I will in teaching you the basics (hey, how do you think I learned about TEC?). If you’re into books — as you should be! (come on, English major here) — there are plenty of quality reads. Your Faith, Your Life was what my inquirers’ class used, and I found it helpful (there’s also a teen version: My Faith, My Life). The Episcopal Handbook, similar to Worst-Case Survival handbooks, is good for a laugh, and also rather telling. I’ve heard good things about Jesus Was an Episcopalian (And You Can Be One, Too!). The Colbert reference alone is probably enough to sell me on it. Simply picking up (or borrowing) a copy of the Book of Common Prayer might tell you the most.

I don’t want to inundate you with details. The details can come later. What I want to tell you is that you are welcome in the Episcopal Church. “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” is more than a slogan. So you’re imperfect, broken, weak, selfish, tired, hurt, and full of doubt? You’ve seen people get chewed up and spit out by the church and thought if that was Christianity, you didn’t want to be part of it? You’ve seen arguments and mistakes and personality clashes tear up congregations in ways more mean and bitter than you’ve found in your secular communities?

Yeah. Me, too. It’s okay.

I’ve seen lots of non-Christian things happen in Christian churches and schools. I’ve seen people I really care about deeply hurt by Christian institutions. Not to say TEC is immune, or perfect, because it’s not even close. But it does hold to practices and beliefs that I can accept, cherish, and challenge in love. Dare I say?: I’m down with TEC.

Maybe you’re not there yet. Maybe you’ve been so hurt that you’re not ready to come in or come back. Maybe you never saw the appeal and have yet to reach that point where your soul is pierced and you have to do something about it. But if you think you might be ready, if you’re looking for something more, if you’re tired of feeling guilty and alone and just want a place to rest your broken heart — the red doors are open. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.

The Episcopal Church welcomes YOU.

Come on in.

4 thoughts on “TEC Welcomes You

    • I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prose in our Forward Day by Day….especially for today’s (Sept 21,2013). I have my own predominantly Christian newsletter. It is ‘soft’ in tone most of the time; sometimes I post it through PR releases online (they are free, and you never know if what you write may catch a suffering soul?). Anyhow, I got off of facebook because of this, because I felt that I was being judged by the more right type (I think you call them, the Religious Right?). Today your devotion talked to me! No, church shouldn’t be a place where we play “religious keep up with the Jones’s”, and my Episcopal church certainly isn’t that. I was getting what I coin: “Religioused-out.” Then you closed with what it is all about, i.e. to become Christ-like. Thank you very, very much. Gary.

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