Back Again, Again

How many times have I announced on this blog that “I’m back”? Half a dozen, at least. Perhaps more.

Even so, I persist: I’m back. Again.

I’ve committed to writing (at least) 10 blog posts, on a weekly basis (so check back on Fridays), connected to an independent study course that I’m completing this semester.

The class will explore “spiritual writing and spiritual guidance,” and I’m still not completely sure it isn’t just a vehicle for me to get academic credit for reading all the religion and spirituality books I’ve been wanting to read the last few years and haven’t had a chance to get to.

At the root of this, though, is the fact that spiritual writing has the power to speak to us on a very deep level. A month or so ago, when I was preparing my proposal for this class, I asked my Facebook circle to name those authors or books that had influenced their faith/spirituality/idea of God, and I got so many amazing, varied responses. Words really do have the power to shape our spiritualities.

Even though I plan to read some great spiritual literature, my blogging practice is going to be more about themes that are important to me. I’m going to be blogging about things like abundance, creativity, self-care, spiritual practices, and more. If any of those interest you, I encourage you to come along for the ride!


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