I’m Baaaaack…with a series on Atonement

It started innocently enough. In addition to the core courses I was already set to take to round out my middler year of seminary, I thought “The Theology of Atonement” sounded like an interesting, if challenging, addition. The promise that “each student will implement a practical project that accentuates the relevance of atonement still in the 21st century” sealed the deal: I could do work that is relevant and practical! Total win!

When I learned this project would have a social media component, I was intrigued and a little excited. Social media? I can do that. And hey, what a good excuse to revive my blog-writing practice—never mind that my last post was almost three years ago. I’ll be a blogger again!

But then came the time to “select a particular theology of atonement and apply it to a conflict in need of reconciliation, satisfaction and redemption,” and so far I’m finding myself stuck. While I like the idea, and how it is spot-on in addressing one of the Five Marks of Mission (“To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation”), there’s not one issue that jumps out at me.

Add to that the fact that while I admire those who can speak prophetically in the sphere of politics and society, I feel much more authentically myself working through quiet conversation, listening, and stories shared.

This project is going to be a challenge, but I’d like you to join me. I might fail, but I might not. Regardless, I hope we can have some conversation about Atonement and how it works in our world today.


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