Back in blogland

Well, friends, it’s been a while. The last few months have been something of a whirlwind—lots and lots of changes, a busy schedule. As it turns out, after 6.5 years of the flexibility that comes with academic schedules, working roughly 50 hours a week (and without a lunch break—I’m a nanny, so I can’t just take off in the middle of the day) feels like a major cramp on my scheduling style. These have been good months, though. I didn’t keep up with my something-new-every-day Tumblr (I told you I’m bad with New Year’s resolutions), but I definitely didn’t give up on trying plenty of new things—I’ve had a really rich few months.

A couple of the new things coloring my months have been distinctly episcotheque-y:

Remember when I mentioned the Diocese of Indianapolis forming a task force to talk about structure (based on the national church’s decision to do the same), and linked over to Brendan O’Sullivan Hale’s blog? (The last time I was “back again” on the blog…) Well, now I’m on that task force (dubbed the Diocesan Reimagining Task Force) along with Brendan and a crew of other really amazing people. We met for the first time at Waycross (our diocese’s ECCC, a really, really great place), and I’m really inspired by each and every person in the group.

Also: I’ve been pretty quiet about this, but I think many or most of you already know (or have assumed) from conversations we’ve had or things I’ve said: I’m in the discernment process toward the Episcopal priesthood. I’m still discerning; I’m not a postulant or seminarian (I’m an aspirant, if you’re all about words and labels and categorization), and I’ll probably remain fairly quiet about the process in this space, unless there’s any Very Important News to report. This process does, though, definitely influence how I think about the questions I tackle on this blog.

All to say, I’m back, or trying to be. I have a couple more weeks of nanny-insanity (I just like how that kind of rhymes), and then just your regular, run-of-the-mill insanity. I’m doing some other writing projects alongside the blog, and I’m about to (I hope) win my bread by contract-based copyediting. Insanity. But, we’ll see. I’m aiming for once-a-week posts, so that I can ease back in (hooray for possibly-manageable goals!).

To those of you who’ve been patient and stuck with me: thank you. To new readers: welcome.

Well, here goes!


One thought on “Back in blogland

  1. I hope you keep on posting for a while! Or indefinitely! I’d prefer indefinitely, but I’ll take whatever I can get. I’ll bring you home a nice bottle of wine for inspiration what you’ve got writer’s block.

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