Something new every day


So, I’m usually not much for New Year’s resolutions, but this year I thought, “Why not?”—mostly thanks to the Rev. Hillary Raining. Her resolution a couple of years ago was to try something new every day, and then she blogged those things here.

I liked the idea, so I’m jumping on board—I’m going to try to do something new every day this year. Because it sounds like an adventure, and because I think trying new things is an important part of remaining open to new experiences. I’m not in a rut—I’m already doing lots of new things in this transition period of my life, but this seemed like a fun and inviting challenge, so I’m jumping in.

I’m not going to blog my new things here, but I started a Tumblr (look at me, with my blogs), and I’m going to try to post every new thing I do/try every day, ideally with a photo. I probably won’t get all 365, I may not make it past January, but I’ll see where this experiment takes me, and you’re welcome to come along.

If you have any ideas for new things I should try, post them in the comments section!


Do you have a New Year’s resolution this year? Are you in the habit of making them?


11 thoughts on “Something new every day

      • Okay, so I’ve been totally inspired by this project. I don’t understand tumblr at all and don’t know if you can comment on it or not, but I have got to find a way to subscribe or something so I can stop checking obsessively every hour to see if you’ve updated. ^_^

        My new things so far: new way of fixing my hair, signed up to become a bone marrow donor, made lasagna in muffin tins with wanton wrappers, submitted an article to an online magazine I want to write for, and became facebook friends with a person on the Internet I’ve never met but really like. Tomorrow I am going to try to go 24 hours without saying or writing anything negative about anyone.

        • Those are great! I think you’re going a better job of my resolution than I am, haha. Tumblr is harder to follow (I think), but I only post once a day, so maybe that can save you from obsessive post-checking. 🙂 You might also follow the blog of the person who inspired me to do this:

        • This is a great blog! She has some really terrific ideas that I can’t wait to steal for myself.

          Tomorrow’s new thing is to meet an episcopal bishop for the first time! Yay!

  1. Okay, I have to say that I totally felt the prayers and candle the day of our flight 🙂 And, I love the pic of the New Year’s coffee…and glad you didn’t burn the church down at youth group…we had some issues with candles at my church in Vermont (and way to go entering compline into the register!)

    • Haha. I’m glad! And glad you made it safely. And that the church is still standing. I’m enjoying your blog, even if your cheese adventures make me jealous. 🙂

  2. i know you are a chef extraordinaire already, so you may have previously tried this: poaching an egg. that was a small adventure for me on an otherwise ordinary day. if you’ve mastered the poached egg, simply try a cooking style or technique you have not yet dared to tackle. (photos, please.)

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