Come, labor on

Well, the end-of-summer holiday has come and gone. I spent it appropriately at a lake house, and listening to interesting NPR interviews about unions on my holiday-traffic drive back to Indiana, but I’ve felt summer slipping away for a while now, as my semester started two weeks ago (!).

What Labor Day did do is give me the extra push I needed to get back into a blogging routine. I think I’m going to go for Tuesday and Friday posts this time. Because, the spice of life and all that. And I’ll actually start writing about something, but first I’ll catch you up, since I’ve been gone a while.

So. A few things I did while I was not here this summer:

  • Gainful employment. I had a summer job proofreading school handbooks and calendars. Not the most stimulating work, but great for two months.
  • The 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Apparently I’m strange for finding a denominational assembly fun, but I thought General Convention was great! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have understood how it works if I hadn’t been there to see it in person
  • Road trip! I took myself on a road trip to the mid-Atlantic region—stopped over  in Ohio on my way to New York, New Jersey and Delaware. I saw (and enjoyed the hospitality of) some good friends, several of whom I’ve known for a decade or more. I stopped by some episcotheques, too, along the way.
  • Episco-retreating. I went to an Episcopal camp with a group of (mainly) Episcopalian young adults. Love it. The only downside is that I managed to slip and totally beat up one of my legs, because I’m coordinated like that, and then last weekend I cut open a toe on the other foot, so I basically can’t walk now.
  • Weddings. Some lovely, lovely friends got married over the summer, and I got to be there.

And, some things on my plate now that summer is semi-officially over:

  • My thesis semester. I’m basically writing the biggest term paper of my life this semester. It’s going to be super-interesting (of course), and you’ll probably be hearing about it as I go, because TEC’s going to have a starring role. What. Up. Oh yeah, and I’ll have mastered English by the end of the year—that’s the plan, anyway.
  • More teaching. My students this semester are whip-smart, so I’d better bring my A game. To make bringing my A game more challenging, my hard drive decided to die last week. I lost a whole bunch of stuff, and I’m rebuilding much of my semester from scratch. Good times.
  • Diocesan Convention. October. I’m going. I’ll get to put all my freshly minted knowledge to the test.
  • All the fun church stuff. Well, not quite all. I mean, I can’t do everything. But I can do a lot of it.

So, stay tuned to hear all about it, ’cause I’m back!


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