In transition

It’s one of those transitional times of year. The semester is over (except that pesky grading I haven’t quite finished yet). A bunch of people in my program are graduating and moving on. Some people not in my program are graduating and moving on, too—some good friends from church are packing up and leaving town next week, with their beautiful new baby. The program year at church is wrapping up—just a few more weeks of choir and two Sunday services. Wrap-up cookouts are popping up. I also start my summer job today—never mind that the grading isn’t done and the apartment isn’t cleaned. Oh yeah, and I had a birthday last week. Woo hoo!

Lots of things are happening. I like having variety, having seasons. I like less the adjustment period—I’ve had a busy few weeks, and while I’ll soon be getting a bit of an intellectual break, I’ll also have to get used to reporting to work at 8am five days a week. The typical workday schedule is, at least for me, much different from an academic day.

This changing-schedule, changing-season business means I have mashed-up to-do list of lingering tasks, a lot of dishes in the sink (that always seems to be the job I put off when I’m busy), and a lot of half-baked blog post ideas. Now, granted, not every post I publish is fully baked, but half-baked doesn’t cut it, and the baking process takes a while for me. So today I leave you with thoughts of transitions.


Are you in a transitional time right now? What sorts of transitions have you experienced recently? How do you handle transitions?


2 thoughts on “In transition

  1. I love transitions. They are messy, unorganized times for most people no matter how type-A we may be. Transitional times in life are beautiful because they make us improvise whether we’re starting new relationships, reworking old ones, starting a new job, moving, saying goodbye, what have you. They show us who we are when we don’t have a script.

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