Well, here it is Friday afternoon. No posts this week. And you know what? I’m not sorry.

Instead of writing, I spent 12 hours on the road catching up with my good friend Ira Glass.

Instead of writing, I sat with a dear friend and former cabin-mate from my Oregon semester, drinking coffee and eating muffins and listening to music in her sun-soaked kitchen.

Instead of writing, I read a book. For fun.

Instead of writing, I drove my dad’s old white pickup to visit my best friend (and her husband) in the house that they own, because they’re grown-ups like that. I am an awesome pickup-truck driver.

Instead of writing, I worked on a puzzle with my family. I’m bad at puzzles, but I like to pretend I’m not.

Instead of writing, I acquired a used guitar and learned four chords. My fingers hurt, but I am So. Excited.

I didn’t do homework this week, either. I went 48 hours at a time without checking my email or even opening my laptop, and it was so good. Now I’m going to go to the grocery store and making dinner for my friends. Then, soon enough, I’ll get back to work. I’ll assign grades, keep appointments, and write blog posts, but I’ll do so refreshed after a time of rest—what a remarkable reminder of why I need Sabbaths!

I hope you all are able to find some time for rest and refreshment this season! I’ll be back with content on Monday!


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