Perplexionary: In-laws

Okay, I did it. I made a little video. It was a pain, and way harder than just writing something. Video makes me all nervous and antsy and itchy. I say “um” a lot, and I say things that weren’t really what I meant to say (like the aside about there not being a lot of women in the Bible… because there totally are), but I’m approximately nine bajillion times better at editing text than editing video. Practice makes perfect?

I’ve been really busy, so rather than figure out my cool video camera, I shot this on iSight. In under 10 minutes. You can totally tell. You also get my wonderful sleep-deprived-scholar face/voice/brain function. And my sleep-deprived-scholar editing abilities. This is the first time I’ve used iMovie (besides super-short introductions to my students), and I did almost nothing to this clip. I’m also not including any music, which I know is a poor choice, but I have neither time nor motivation at the moment to comb through Creative Commons search results or play with GarageBand.

So, here it is. My first video:


2 thoughts on “Perplexionary: In-laws

  1. Great questions! Maybe the most basic in this vein is: Who are the gospels about? And by extension: Who is the gospel about? We aren’t actually itinerant guru followers like the apostles, but we are people with familial relationships and responsibilities. Hmm… Nicely read and nicely reflected.

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