Can you tell it in six?

I can't decide if piknik is lame or awesome.

A few months ago, my friend Allison blogged about having to write a six-word memoir for a job application, and asked for any inspiration her readers might have to offer. I had a little too much fun, coming up with a whole page of options.

I’ll come back to that, but I want to add another angle: the EfM year begins with group members sharing spiritual autobiographies. It’s a great way to gel a group that each year has to invite new members (e.g. yours truly) into a community that so values openness and honesty.

We had 20-30 minutes for our EfM spiritual autobiographies, so they were an awful lot longer than six words, but now I want to combine the two: what would be my six-word spiritual autobiography?

I came up with a few options:

  • “Jesus loves me! This I know.” Okay, I totally cribbed that from Karl Barth, who, when asked to sum up the contents of all his writings, responded, “Jesus loves me; this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”
  • “Amazing grace: how sweet the sound.” Because grace IS amazing, and because I’m still not done using other peoples’ words.
  • “I’m part of a bigger story.” So are you.

And finally:

  • “God is that deepest of aches.” I started a poem with this line once. The poem was bad, but I still like the line.

Concision isn’t always my strong suit. I haven’t adapted well to the world of communicating in 160 characters. There’s a sort of stark beauty in these short expressions, though; like Hemingway, but less… insane. It’s not an easy exercise, but the results can be astounding—what will be revealed when you’re forced to be creative within such strict limits? Plus, you’re left with a textable, tweetable story.


What about you? How would you write your six-word spiritual autobiography?


10 thoughts on “Can you tell it in six?

  1. Jesus, I know you are mine…….What a blessed assurance…even stumbling along through this _____ life!!! (couldn’t find the right adjective.:-))

  2. Faith – Obstacles – Isolation – Welcome – Community – Faith

    I realize this exercise is over a year old, but I really enjoyed having to think about it and thought I’d go ahead and share.

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